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Leaving Vault 13

I have play a humongous number of games. I have played many great games. Whenever I play an exceptional game, I tend to paint some sort of fan art. However, there is a game so good, that I was always reluctant to pay proper respects to its grandeur, since I thought my skill was not sufficient to do it justice. Recently I was able to finally run Fallout on my current machine without any graphical glitches and played it again, after a very long break. I decided to finally take that step. The choice of scene was easy. That very first moment, when you step outside Vault 13, clutching your 10mm pistol and a knife. The massive door slams behind you, and all of a sudden it's just you and the harsh, unforgiving, deadly world of the wasteland, with your first enemies skulking in the dark, waiting to attack. You take one last look over your shoulder and begin the magnificent adventure, the greatest RPG of all time that has never been surpassed in any aspect since its publication.

Leaving Vault 13 - process