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Belt guy

„Who, him? Oh yes, I knew you’d ask. Every new man does. Well, he’s been with our company for a couple years now. Not a bad fighter. We were all wondering about it, too, until we managed to get him drunk one night, by trickery, of course, he never drinks. Anyway, he actually told us why he loves those buckles so much. Turns out, he grew up as a thief in the harbour, poor as it gets. Spent most of his life using a string for a belt, getting laughted at because of that constantly. One day he snaps and strangles this joker who was taunting him, who said he’d never know what fastening a buckle would feel like. Took his belt as a trophy and has been doing it ever since. Whenever he kills a man, he takes his belt buckle and has a tanner add it to his belts. Mighty odd, to be sure. He’s a strange man in general. Cleans and sharpens his sword constantly, never satisfied. Some say when he takes off that belt at bedtime, he undoes all the buckles and arranges them by size, weight and colour, too