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The Grand Faux Pas

Les Tourelles 1429. France is in Turmoil as war rages across the land. Joan of Arc, the charismatic French teenager travels to the English controlled city with the intention of resolving the conflict by peaceful negotiation. However, the hopes of peace are shattered by a cruel twist of fate. On the wall of the stronghold guarding the bridge, a young noble English lady (name unknown), famed for her passion for hunting, warfare, armour and all other things martial, spots Joan down below. Some sources indicate she was heard screaming in rage "THAT BITCH IS WEARING THE SAME OUTFIT AS MINE!" before snatching a bow from the nearest archer and sending an arrow into Joan's neck/shoulder area. The incident sparked an armed assault (won by the French) and caused the war to continue for many years ahead. The phenomenon of irrational awkwardness and aggression between two women wearing the same outfits at social events is known even today and is sometimes still recognised by the phrase "to pull a Tourelles".