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Ever since I saw an illustration of a chainmail bikini for the very first time, I knew something was amiss. Later in life, when I picked up a pencil with a conscious decision I would become an illustrator, I knew that one day I might be called upon to paint a breastplate with a cleavage cut out. So far I was able to avoid painting any of that “sexy female armour” crap. Today I am conscious of the fact, that if a decent paying client comes along and my schedule happens to be clear, I will probably not be able to say no. But as any self respecting little whore, I do have one very important rule…

The first time will be on my terms.

Here's a little quiz for your consideration:

1. A female warrior's main concern is to stay:

a) alive
b) sexy

2. The main purpose of a man's armour is to:

a) look fierce
b) protect vital organs

3. The main purpose of a woman's armour is to:

a) protect vital organs
b) accentuate cleavage, waistline, hips and legs

4. To blow a runny nose, a man uses:

a) a MAN-SIZED tissue
b) a tissue

5. To carry personal items, a man can use:

a) a man-bag
b) a bag

6. To protect her vital organs, a female warrior uses

a) armour
b) female armour

7. Form follows:
a) function
b) the 90-60-90 ratio

Thank you kindly for your participation. Please send your answers to tits@ass.cum

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